Furanylfentanyl Powder (Fu-F)


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What is Furanylfentanyl Powder (Fu-F)?

Furanylfentanyl Powder (Fu-F) is expected to be lipophilic. Similarly to acryloylfentanyl , it could be expected that carry-over of traces of the substance during sample handling and analysis could be problematic.

Furanylfentanyl Powder differs from fentanyl due to the presence of a furan ring in place of an ethyl group attached to the carbonyl.

Furanylfentanyl Powder (Fu-F) has been typically seized in powder form however it has also been detected to a lesser extent in liquid (often in nasal spray bottles), tablet and herbal material form.

Furanylfentanyl are also sold as powders dissolve in solution. This form of furanyl fentanyl can be place in nasal spray with intentions to be taken nasally by users. The last form of furanyl fentanyl is in a mixture with heroin. Because of the fentanyl in the heroin, the mixture becomes more addicting. Users consume this through injection and smoking.


No studies have investigated the pharmacokinetics of furanylfentanyl. Based on its structural similarity to fentanyl, it is expected to cross the blood-brain barrier, and diffuse into adipose and other tissues.

Administration Of Furanylfentanyl Powder (Fu-F)

Routes of administration for furanylfentanyl includes oral (as a powder or tablet), nasal (using nasal sprays or by insufflation of a powder) and by injection (intravenous and intramuscular). These routes are similar to those reported with other fentanils.
Of note is the apparent popularity of using ready-to-use or home-made nasal sprays containing solutions for the administration of furanylfentanyl.

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